Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas
I was at a wedding last weekend and lord it was difficult for me to find something to wear so here I am rounding up a few ideas for you if you're going to a wedding this summer.

Even though I have only been to two weddings in my life I absolutely love them. They are all so beautiful and happy, I actually shed a few tears the other night as the bride and groom had their first dance to 'Can't Help Falling in Love with You' by Haley Reinhart.. SO CUTE.

Firstly, the outfit that I wore unfortunately is mostly out of stock because I got all of the pieces last year. I wore these gorgeous ivory trousers from ASOS paired with an amazing embellished top from Missguided. The bag I brought actually is still in stock so I'll have that linked along a dupe of the trousers I was wearing!

Now lets get down to business and check out the amazing pieces that I came across which would be perfect for a wedding. I find ASOS to be the best place to go for occasion wear, they have a huge variety of dresses, jumpsuits and trousers all for a really good price. Plus, ASOS have 20% off occasion wear at the moment so hop on that if you're looking. I really like Missguided too, even though I feel like sometimes it gets a bad rep, I have found amazing pieces there at such a good price. So here we are, my top picks for wedding guests this summer!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. If you're going to a wedding this summer, have a ball.. I'm so jealous!

Instagram Battle: Personal v. Business Accounts

Friday, 12 May 2017

Instagram Battle: Personal v. Business Accounts


To clarify, I'm in no way an insta- expert, I'm just a small lil blogger who wanted to test algorithm to see if it could work in my favour. 

If you didn't know, anyone can switch their account to Instagram business. It gives you analytics and insights to every photo you post and allows you to put a clickable 'call' or 'email' button so you can be easily reached. Other than that? The difference isn't huge.

I got Instagram business before all of my fellow Irish blogging pals, it launched when I was in America last summer and therefore, I hopped on it as it was such a breakthrough for bloggers and businesses alike on Instagram. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I heard mumblings that Instagram business accounts are not all they're cracked up to be. I heard they held back on showing your photos to too many users that follow you therefore resulting in less engagement as they want us to pay to promote out content. After hearing that, I decided to test it out for myself and see if I noted any differences.

Initially I noticed when I switched to personal, there was a serious decrease in engagement. I don't know wether to put that down to the algorithm screwing us all over recently or me changing to a personal account?

Secondly I noticed that my followers fluctuated more than ever, I have put this down to possibly bots (who follow and then unfollow for accounts) target personal profiles rather than business? But who knows, something that is quite up in the air too!

Obviously I can't view my insights on a personal account (a huge thing I'm actually missing), but I wonder how many people are actually seeing my photos, is it less or is it more?! I think the insights tool is a huge asset when using a business account and ultimately, makes the account seem far more desirable to me.

As I navigate back to a business account I'll keep updating this post and everything I'm leaning about the two, but in the mean time: what works for you?!

And a quick shameless plug, if you're not already following me on Instagram, it's linked down below  if you want to check it out haha.

Belfast City Guide

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Belfast City Guide
Ah Belfast, a city just two hours north from Dublin yet quite different I must say. I headed up there last week for a little city break as it was a birthday present from my boyfriend and stayed for two nights exploring the place. Today I'll be sharing what we got up to, where we ate and stayed while we were there.


We stayed in a little hotel called the Landsdowne Hotel just outside the city. It was basic enough but exactly what we needed for our stay.


When we first arrived we headed to the Titanic Quarter to do the museum which we really enjoyed. The whole experience was really good and it was so interesting seeing how much went into the building of the ship and what it was like to be on it.

On the second day we went to the Giants Causeway. It is about an hour and a half north of the city by car, and boy am I glad we had the car! Although the structure is amazing to see and I'm glad I got to see it (because it was always on my list of things to see in Ireland), I probably won't be back. I may sound terribly uncultured saying that but I'd recommend seeing it if you're in Belfast as you're so close to it but I wouldn't come all the way from Dublin to see it!

The last day was by far the best, we visited Crumlin Road Gaol, the jail where all of the people involved in the troubles were held. The tour was so interesting and so informative, seeing all of the cells and execution chambers was crazy. Secondly we went on to do a Black Cab Tour, where we were brought around in a taxi and given a tour of the city being shown all of the protestant and catholic areas, and where all of the events happened during the troubles. The city of Belfast has so much history and this tour really highlighted that. It blew my mind finding out all about the events that occurred not too long ago in a place so close to where I live.

My friend Niamh went to Belfast the week before me and she told me she was doing the Game of Thrones tour, which is like an all day tour to the Giant's Causeway and all around the filming locations I believe. I have never watched the show, that's why we didn't go but if you're a fan I'd say that would be a very fun little trip.


I can't say we were too adventurous with our dinner choices (leaning on Five Guys and Milanos for 2/3 days) but we did find three little spots that were really nice.

For breakfast and brunch I would recommend Sozo, a little spot just outside the city. I had porridge and he had pancakes and it was so so nice.

For lunch, I'd recommend Cast and Crew if you're looking for a burger. It is actually the only spot to eat around the Titanic Quarter apart from the cafe inside but the whole set up was really trendy and the burgers were unreal!

For dinner one night we ended up at The Welcome Chinese Restaurant beside Queens University. The service was amazing and I really would recommend it if you're in the area. 

Overall, Belfast, you were fab. If you haven't been, it is a nice little city break to go on and with all of the history, you won't be short of things to do!

Trying Something New & Why You Should Too

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Trying Something New & Why You Should Too

Admittedly, I sometimes find myself just sticking to what I know works, social media wise, posting similar content to everyone else. It doesn't matter 'who started it' because now everyone is doing it and it is working for everyone. Reposting memes, sharing the images you took for your latest shoot.. Yeah everyone is going to like it and that is fine for some but for me I always just wanted to do something different! Truth be told however that my brain isn't the most creative and I leave so much of the really out there and crazy ideas to my best friend Lizzy, until last Wednesday in college I had a brain wave.
I love video and have seriously contemplated a creating a YouTube however with the lack of time that I have on my hands, it just isn't possible. Some of my favourite modules in college involved video editing, something I could sit there for hours and do and I can appreciate a well edited and put together film or YouTube video when I see one.

I am well aware that video content by far gets the most reach on Facebook and I know I'm nowhere near funny enough to make and post sketches, so then somehow, this idea popped into my head.

Mini lookbooks, 30 (or so) seconds long to post on both my YouTube channel and Facebook that go along with a blog post. The videos will be just a filmed version of the photos I'm going to take and then included in the blog post.

So here it is! I'm SO excited to share this exciting little project and I hope you enjoy the content that I make even more now. I know this isn't my best work, but you have to start somewhere and (hopefully) these little videos will improve over time.

Trousers / Top / Scarf- Urban Outfitters (very old) / Shoes- Penney's

Keep testing and challenging yourself.. You never know where it might take you!

How Your Blog can Enhance Your CV

Monday, 10 April 2017

How Your Blog can Enhance Your CV
As the final few weeks of college are upon me it is time to brush the cobwebs off that old CV of mine and get updating. It has been a long time since I looked for a job so when I was updating my CV I was very surprised about how my blog enhanced it. I found it tied into so many jobs that I wanted to apply for so I was very impressed that in fact, this corner of the internet can be a serious asset in a job hunt. If you are in the digital media sector like me, than the blog can be a definite deal breaker but for every sector, this post may be able to bring to light how you too can use your blog to enhance your CV.


You can run a blog while being in full time education whilst holding a part time job? Props to you girl! I couldn't even imagine holding down a full time job and running a blog at the same time but people do it and it is an amazing skill to note down.


If you have a blog and reguarly post online, you'll most likely have a good grasp of the computer and all things that come with it.. Microsoft programmes and the general workings of the web? You got this.


Now this one is quite specific but if it is a marketing job you're going for then don't hold back. From bits like SEO, Google Analytics to social media management, these blogs of ours are generally a one man show so flaunt all of the knowledge you have gained. 


From networking at events to working with brands, in this industry you gotta communicate! This is an essential part of the job so it is one for the CV. 


If you have been sharing your opinions and talking about your interests online for a while, it shows a bit of commitment and dedication don't you think? You can be extra sometimes too!


Again quite a specific one and not for everyone, but myself I know I have gained skills in Adobe Software like Photoshop and even HTML skills. 


Writing, photography and all that embodies blogging holds creativity. Anything you create shows a form of creativity and so much innovation.

I hope this post was of some help but if you have any more to add, let me know them on my social media channels linked below!