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Friday, 18 August 2017

Rome is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Europe, and there is a reason for it! The place is just filled with culture and there is something to see around every corner. The beautiful streets and the architecture had me in awe so I decided to share my experience of Rome including where we stayed and what we did.

Where We Stayed

We stayed in a hotel called the Grand Hotel del Gianicolo, a beautiful hotel located about 15 minutes outside the centre of Rome in an area called the Trastevere. We had a really good experience with the hotel, it had a pool which we spent our days at. We initially booked the hotel because it had a pool and I'm very glad we did because the heat was insane (obviously because we went in August- not our smartest move!). 

Things to Note
  • The pool was such a pro- there was always an available sun bed and there was such a relaxing atmosphere.
  • The aircon didn't work properly- they said that it was under so much pressure because it was so hot which is fair enough but it was very very warm. In fairness I found that in Rome in general, nowhere had very good air conditioning.
  • The rooms are small but spotless, have a lovely bathroom, a TV, safe, a mini fridge and great wardrobe space. 
  • Although we loved the hotel, the immediate area around it is quite dead- we couldn't find anywhere to eat and everything was closed. We had to get taxis everywhere however they weren't expensive, sometimes €7 one way into the city.
  • Although the food in the hotel was lovely, the menu is limited and it is so expensive. We ended up paying something ridiculous like €35 for two club sandwiches and chips and two cokes by the pool haha. 
  • Breakfast was nice though and the views were amazing.
Overall though, the staff were very helpful and friendly and I would recommend this hotel. The pool sold it to me!

What We Did

There is so much to do and see in Rome and the place is just brimming with culture and history. We saw the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and all of the main touristy sights (except the Vatican) and we did them all at night. It was easier to see everything at night because it was slightly cooler and there was slightly less people. Be careful around these areas however, there are so many pickpocketers and locals harassing you trying to sell you things (something that really annoyed me hahah). 

We took a trip to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary too (a must if you're a crazy cat lady like me).

We did a three hour walking tour of Palatine Hill, The Roman Forum and the Colosseum at 2:30 in the day and it wasn't our best idea haha. Although everything we saw was absolutely beautiful, it was about 40 degrees and just unbearably warm to really enjoy. I'm glad I did it to see the amazing sights but it is safe to say that by the time we got the the Colosseum we were fit to go home! 

An area that I highly recommend is the Trastevere area, on the other side of the river Tiber. This area is quieter and much less touristy, filled with gorgeous bars and restaurants giving you a really nice Roman experience.

Where to Eat

There was nowhere that truly stood out food wise except a gorgeous little restaurant we visited in the Trastevere area called Meccanismo. The atmosphere was great and the drinks were very strong, a very good experience overall. 

Overall Tips

  • Avoid Rome in August, it's very warm haha.
  • Be prepared for men to hasstle you to buy things on the side of the street- keep your cool with them because they really tested my patience. 

So thats it, my Rome Travel guide. It is such a beautiful city that everyone needs to put on their bucket list.

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