How To Get Out Of A Creative Slump

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

 Ever just hit a wall? Not literally, a creative wall.

Well that's me at the moment. 

I visited a Tarot Card reader a few months ago, now believe what you want, I'm a bit of a sceptic myself. I have visited both a psychic medium and a tea leaf reader before, the latter being a disaster however both being really interesting and entertaining experiences. Anyway, back to the tarot card reader. He told me something about myself that kind of blew my mind, again, believe what you will but he told me that I let other peoples ora's or vibes seriously affect me. As in, if someone is in a really bad mood it will in turn put me in quite a bad mood or if someone is really energetic, it makes me feel the same.. A quality about myself that I never truly noticed until pointed out to me. He told me this was because I myself have a slightly psychic ora myself, which I am still quite sceptical about. I haven't seen anyones future yet I'll tell you that.

And the point of that ramble was just that, I let people effect me too much. It started off being put down about this blog and another bad experience which shattered my confidence (both of which I will not get into). This then led to comparing myself to everyone, on Instagram especially and how well everyone else was doing, but I never could. 

It made me feel like I had no voice, my opinion wasn't good enough and nobody wanted to listen to my mediocre content. I was in a creative (and confidence) slump and here is how I finally got out of it.

1. Changed my routine.

My daily routine has been flipped quite a bit in the last few weeks so I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about getting out to a coffee shop and getting writing, brainstorming blog ideas and getting inspiration because for me, they can't be done from bed.

2. Finding Fresh Content

Don't get me wrong, I love my blogging huns and everything they post but finding new people to follow and viewing fresh content can be so inspiring. I have found myself recently just browsing Instagram pages and saving all of my favourite photos which just makes me want to run out and shoot some outfits.

3. Retail Therapy

Need I say more? In the world of fashion blogging there is nothing like the text you get of a delivery confirmation and an ASOS or Missguided package waiting for you when you get home. 

So that is how I got out of my creative slump, how do you face them?

My full outfit is Penneys today, all recent purchases!

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