The Shocking World of Facebook Groups

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

At this stage, I've become a bit of a Facebook group addict. Up until last year I had no idea that they even existed but now I'm fully invested and keep up with several groups daily.

Although I'm not an avid poster, I interact with posts when I see fit and mostly just sit back and take them all in.
For a long time I was just involved in the 'Irish Bloggers' Facebook group, 'Into the West Blogging Network' or 'Stellar Magazine' and a few more. The groups that I am apart of are helpful and beneficial, if you needed help you can get it. You can share your platform and these groups serve as a support network and community of people. There would be the odd disagreement but nothing major, everyone just brings each other up and helps each other out.

Up until last week when the world of Facebook groups got flipped upside down for me (sounds dramatic I know).

I found out about a Facebook group the other day where the members of this group openly discuss influencers on Snapchat. I was intrigued to say the least, so I requested to be added to the group and when I was accepted I was absolutely appalled. 

5,000 members in this group, mostly (like me) just there to view what others are saying I presume. This group is where people tear apart people on Snapchat.

Admittedly, it's not all bad, I saw a post the other day about how hilarious Pippa and Brian Dowling are together but for the most part it's bad.

Finding this group and reading the posts has angered me and upset me, I just don't understand it all. How anyone has the time to sit behind their computer and openly discuss someone's Snapchat account, picking apart every single thing they chose to share online. 

How someone could spend time out of their day to tear someone apart and start a negative conversation about a particular influencer with 5,000 people is beyond me. 

I knew influencer's got hate, but this is just insane.

What do you think about these Facebook groups? If you want to know the exact group I'm referring to just contact me on any of my social media links below and I'll be happy to share.

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