3 Years of University | A Reflection and Lessons Learned

Monday, 29 May 2017

Monday gone I walked out of my final (well hopefully final) exam, which marked the end of my time at university. The three years went by in a flash and I actually cannot believe that I won't be hopping on the train for another mad semester in September. 

A little recap for those who may not know.. I studied Digital Media in Maynooth University, a three year course which combined Media Studies and Computer Science and everything in between. Despite my giving out about it and there being so many ups and downs, I overall had an absolute ball throughout my three years there.

As it was such a different time in my life I decided that today, I'd reflect and recap what I have learned in my three years.

It is not going to be everything you wanted it to be
University is a situation where generally people go in thinking 'this is it, finally something that I'm interested in and something I actually want to do'. While that might be half true, the reality is you may be made to study topics that bore you to no end or that you really can't get the hang of. I actually don't think I know anyone who is 100% happy with everything they are made do. However, don't let that put you off if you're heading in in September.. It all ties together in the end and you'll get so much out of it, more than you actually think at the time and learning what you don't like is equally as valuable as learning what you like.

Friends make the experience
For me, the endless McDonald's drive through runs and the hazy memories of tequila shots in the clubs lining Maynooth Main Street are the memories I won't forget. Something amazing about university is that you will meet a huge variety of people which leads me onto my next point..

Everyone is so open minded.
I have found university a time lead to my confidence soaring, and why you may ask? The amazing people around me. When in university, everyone is that bit more mature than secondary school, petty fighting is pushed to the kerb and everyone has your best interest at heart. This has allowed me to really find myself and be more confident. I haven't found many people (outside of the blogging community and my very close friends) who have been so unbelievably supportive and lovely about my blog. Maybe that's because we are studying Digital Media, but nonetheless, they're a good bunch.

It's going to be tough, but worth it.
Trying to juggle a social life, a job and the workload can be outrageously difficult. My advice would be to start assignments or studying early because all of the deadlines and exams just come at once (and they hit like a tonne of bricks).

I learned to make every moment count
Go in, chat with your friends, make new friends, say yes to things that come your way.

It's ok not to know what your doing..
.. Nobody does

Everyone will go their separate ways..
..And that's the sad truth. As I have mentioned, you learn what you want and don't want to do, career and life wise so once it all ends you all go in different directions.

Make the most of it
It is the one time where you can do outrageous things with no responsibilities and more freedom so make the most of it! I'm not saying work yourself to the bone, but keep busy earning money so you can travel during the summers and go out during the week if you want to. If you don't want that, thats cool too but keep yourself busy and do things that make you happy because you have nothing to lose and far more time on your hands than you will in the future. Some of the stories I could tell you are absolutely outrageous but we could get away with it.

So there you go, a reflection of my time at university, if you're only going in, enjoy every minute of it and although it is not for everyone, you won't regret making the most of it!

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