The Truth About Irish Blogging Industry

Thursday, 6 April 2017

So many things come to mind when I think of the Irish blogging community and blogging in general however since the drama unfolded during the week as the CEO of Cocoa Brown Tan, Marissa Carter publically bashed bloggers on the radio (hear the full interview here) I felt compelled to write this post and give my thoughts and opinions about the Irish blogging industry in general.

Truth be told, the blogging industry in Ireland especially is so saturated. Everyday there are emerging fashion bloggers looking to be the next top influencer with their follower count growing by the day on Instagram. The worst comments I get are always 'but do you know how saturated the industry is these days?!' YES I do and I don't care is my answer. 

We need to think about why we started these blogs in the first place. Yeah some people may just see the freebies and want the lavish lifestyles of some top (extreme emphasis on top) influencers and want in. It is not all sunshine and rainbows would you believe and it takes hard work, so much time and patience to actually get a few readers. I can only sigh when people comment on how many bloggers there are these days and how hard it is to 'make it' but at the end of the day that is not why I started and that is not what keeps me going. Sure, if I got to the stage where I could make a living from this I would be over the moon, and it would be so nice to know that you have thousands of people who enjoy your content but that wasn't my reasoning for starting a blog anyway. I started because I enjoy writing, fashion, beauty (at the time) and photography and creating content was something that I loved to do, and still love to do. It was a hobby initially and although I have a much more serious attitude towards it now, ultimately that is still what it is. 

Isn't that a good thing that there are so many people doing it too? The ones that actually stick to it are sharing an amazing interest with you and how exciting is that? 

I won't deny, some of the Irish blogging scene can be intimidating, so much of it is who you know and what you can do for me. I have gone to several events that I have felt so intimidated by others around me, call that what you want but I personally think it was because I was a small blogger, and I was no help to anyone. There are social climbers, all they want is to be at the top but you're going to get that in every industry and every job because that is just the way some people are. Some think there is almost a hierarchy and what you have to say isn't valid enough which I have noted in Facebook groups but at the end of the day you just have to laugh opinions like that off and keep doing what you're doing.

That is only the minority though, I could talk for days about my blogging friends and how amazing they are doing. Some of which I have never even met before but when they put up a great post or are celebrating a milestone I feel so proud of them, we are each others biggest cheerleaders and supporters. It isn't even fellow bloggers that can show that kind of love too, when you get the odd message from a reader it can be the most heartwarming thing. I see more support from the community than anything else and it is amazing to see it absolutely booming. 

Marissa Carter's opinion on beauty bloggers really disheartened a lot of people, me included. Saying that they aren't worth endorsing because they had their moment is a bit rich as her brand wouldn't be half it is today without them. It is a bit of a contradiction as just last week Sarah Ashcroft posted a paid ad for Cocoa Brown on Instagram but Marissa's true colours have finally shone through and has lost so many customers because of this, me included.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm not going to lie I'm a bit nervous to post it but it is my opinion and I felt like I had to give my 2 cents on the topic. Have a great weekend and let me know your opinions on my social media channels linked below!

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