Trying Something New & Why You Should Too

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Admittedly, I sometimes find myself just sticking to what I know works, social media wise, posting similar content to everyone else. It doesn't matter 'who started it' because now everyone is doing it and it is working for everyone. Reposting memes, sharing the images you took for your latest shoot.. Yeah everyone is going to like it and that is fine for some but for me I always just wanted to do something different! Truth be told however that my brain isn't the most creative and I leave so much of the really out there and crazy ideas to my best friend Lizzy, until last Wednesday in college I had a brain wave.
I love video and have seriously contemplated a creating a YouTube however with the lack of time that I have on my hands, it just isn't possible. Some of my favourite modules in college involved video editing, something I could sit there for hours and do and I can appreciate a well edited and put together film or YouTube video when I see one.

I am well aware that video content by far gets the most reach on Facebook and I know I'm nowhere near funny enough to make and post sketches, so then somehow, this idea popped into my head.

Mini lookbooks, 30 (or so) seconds long to post on both my YouTube channel and Facebook that go along with a blog post. The videos will be just a filmed version of the photos I'm going to take and then included in the blog post.

So here it is! I'm SO excited to share this exciting little project and I hope you enjoy the content that I make even more now. I know this isn't my best work, but you have to start somewhere and (hopefully) these little videos will improve over time.

Trousers / Top / Scarf- Urban Outfitters (very old) / Shoes- Penney's

Keep testing and challenging yourself.. You never know where it might take you!

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