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Sunday, 2 April 2017

On reflection of this little blog, although I have a tendency to rant and ramble, I don't think you all know that much about me personally so I thought I'd share 25 facts about me.

  1. A quick introduction for number 1.. I'm 21, live in Dublin and in my final year of Digital Media in Maynooth University. 
  2. I have had this blog since 2013 however didn't really share it until 2015. It was always something I loved to do but admittedly I was a bit embarrassed about it. It has had several names over the years, from comichellex being one but I think from here on out we'll stick to Michelle Alice!
  3. When I was younger I was painfully shy, I never spoke up or talked to anyone. Even in secondary school I was very quiet and just kept my head down but from about 15 onwards I started to come out of my shell and now I'm like a new person. My 15 year old self would not believe it if she saw me going to blog events all by myself knowing nobody!
  4. For years (literally since I was 5 or 6) I hated the nickname Shelly. When I went to San Diego last summer my best friend Lizzy said 'how funny would it be if I got that nickname to stick' and as we had never met anyone there, she got it to stick and now thats what so many people call me. 
  5. I have a tendency to rob others cats over the years.. The only cat that we consciously made the decision to get was Harry, my current cat but over the years a lot of my neighbour's cats have decided that they prefer our house haha. If you follow me on Snapchat (michellealicex) you'll have seen the little ginger cat that I have plans to steal, which I have named Sharon.
  6. Speaking of cats, I won an award for 'most likely to be a crazy cat lady' at my debs when i was 18 and it is one of my biggest achievements to this day (as sad as that sounds haha).
  7. I have always wanted to live in America, ever since I was young. As I'm getting older I appreciate more how difficult it is to actually live there, but hopefully I can make that dream a reality in 2017 or 2018 by moving to San Diego on a graduate visa. I had a psychic tell me once that I would be very successful there so lets see how that goes! 
  8. 2012 was the year I was obsessed with One Direction (Harry Styles in particular). I used to use Twitter to find their whereabouts when they were in Ireland and met them three times as a result.. I met Niall Horan on Grafton Street, the whole band outside the radio station Spin 1038 after waiting 12 hours for them to arrive and in the airport when one of the girls ended up hopping on Harry's back haha. Not to mention my mother drove us to Niall's house in Mullingar one day while he was home. I was an extreme fan girl I know!
  9. I have never had glasses, or even needed them but I have always wanted them! Not so much the restricted eyesight, just for the aesthetic haha.
  10. Dinner is my least favourite meal of the day. I have such a fear (you could say) about eating it and if I can I'll avoid it. I could eat breakfast or lunch meals all day but just hate dinner. It could be due to the fact that I have a very good knowledge about the nutritional value of foods and I'm always so aware of how healthy a meal is for you. I'm in no way a healthy person, I could eat toast and Malteasers for days but the meals that I usually eat for breakfast and lunch are quite healthy so when it comes to dinner I dunk and roll out. 
  11. I hate having all of the attention on me, so I'm very surprised I even had a 21st haha. It wasn't too much fuss though, just pre drinks and it was with Lizzy so I could deal with it! It is a weird one seeing as I post so much content online.
  12. I think I had every colour of O'Neills tracksuit bottoms when I was younger, you know the ones that had the zips up the side? What can I say I was destined to be a fashion blogger.
  13. I can't smile with my teeth- I look absolutely ridiculous!
  14. When I was really young, I'm going to say 4 or 5 I attempted to run away.. I shoved my 101 Dalmatians bag full of Kit Kats and decided to hit the road. I knew if I went out the front door or left the side gate open my parents would be on to me so I got my dad to give me a boost over the side gate (because I couldn't hop it myself even though it is only about 4 foot) and I went on my way, my dad didn't even bat an eyelid! I basically walked to the Phoenix Park which is luckily very close to my house, ate all of the Kit Kats and decided nahh this life isn't for me and walked home.
  15. Like so many others my age, I didn't discover eyebrows until I was about 16.. It was a hard time for us all.
  16. I had quite unimaginative names for all of my past pets.. Tammy the tabby cat, Sandy the hamster, Snowy the rabbit, the list goes on and I think you can imagine what they all looked like haha.
  17. I have never broken a bone or damaged any body part really and have only been in the hospital a few times for myself.
  18. Dun Laoighre is my favourite place to go, the sea makes me feel so at ease and it helps that Scrumdiddlys is there too!
  19. I made a booklet all about Shih Tzus to give to my parents to sell them the idea of getting a dog and it worked! Now I have a nine year old pup called Daisy (also known as Dosey because she can be a bit slow at times).
  20. It took me so long to actually like pizza but now I love it.. I was also late to the Spice bag game but once I had one I was obsessed!
  21. I'm an only child.
  22. I only got my first Netflix account this year.. I used to use my cousin's friend's account for months and apparently she was really freaked out because she didn't know who was on it haha.
  23. I always flick my hair over to one side, it doesn't matter what side though. I always think my hair is too flat when I leave it in a middle parting.
  24. I'm addicted to acai bowls.
  25. I used to have my nose pierced but now I don't have any at all. I don't have any tattoos and I don't want one either.

Well I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! Don't forget to tweet/ comment a random fact about yourself too. Happy Sunday everyone!

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