When I Don't Have a Bee in my Bonnet

Thursday, 16 March 2017

For a while there, I really was on a roll with blogging. I constantly had something to say, a new opinion to share and a topic that I just felt needed to be discussed. For me, that's not all the time though and that's ok.

About two weeks ago, I sat at my laptop to write a blog post and I just had nothing. A list of ideas but none that truly inspired me at that time. Why I'm so sporadic with my blog posts, is because I can't assign myself a time to write. Words just come to me at the most random times and I'll have a full post written in five minutes flat. Sometimes I'll wake up at 3am full of inspiration and ideas or I'll be sitting on the train and so many thoughts fill my brain.. I just can't control it.

I have started writing posts that you may not even see until June, I just get a spurt of inspiration and just have to write it all down, at this stage I probably won't even come back to that post until June!

Sometimes it doesn't even come down to inspiration, sometimes I just don't have a bee in my bonnet and I'm content with what I'm doing with nothing to share, which is ok too. Over the last few months I have made some hard hitting posts, when I wrote Let's Talk About Consent, it was a huge issue around that time, similarly to my opinion on Valentines Day and What I'm Doing with my Life. All very current topics in my life at the time but sometimes I'm happy out, pottering around taking blog pictures and heading in and out of college, spending time with my friends just enjoying my life.

In the past I have tried to force out some blog posts, but they just aren't the same. I have just learned the hard way over the last few weeks to have a few photos pre taken and just whip out the laptop when the ideas hit. In fairness there are so many bloggers who I turn to for inspiration who help so much but when the words aren't flowing, there is not much I can do.

                                                                        TOP / TROUSERS / BOOTS / BAG / JACKET

Aside from all of that, lets talk about this outfit! The top and trousers are both Topshop (linked above), so is the bag but it is very old stock. I never thought the trousers would suit me but I tried them on on a whim one day and was pleasantly surprised, plus it feels like you're just wearing pyjama bottoms so they are ideal! The boots are Topshop too would you believe, and they are on sale so get your hands on them while you can. I got them when they first went on sale because my ASOS black boots (aka the loves of my life) eventually became a bit too worn and just a bit too scaldy.. This coat is H&M old stock however the one I've linked above looks the exact same. Sunglasses are Penney's, unreal for €3!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to follow me on my social media which I linked below. I'm having a real Instagram moment lately and loving every minute of it so make sure to head on over and follow me there. I hope you have a wonderful Paddy's Day and enjoy the long weekend.

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