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Sunday, 12 February 2017

With Valentine's Day around the corner what a better subject to talk about than the controversial day itself. A day people seem to be either fully for or fully against so here is my two cents on the day.

On talking to my best friend on the topic the other day, she was adamant that it was a marketing holiday and how she would rather someone to express their love on any other day of the year, and not just February 14th. 

Sure, it is an excuse for brands and restaurants to make a whole lot of money through the pressure to give the one you love material objects and eat an expensive meal, I get that. It's just like any holiday to be honest, but behind it all is love. Even wether is it a card exchanged between two people, its a sign of appreciation for someone else. 

Something that saddens me is when it's so evident that there is so much hatred in a person. At the same time I have to think, well it is no wonder that people don't have that much love as from the minute they wake up they are exposed to tragedy on their Facebook feed and a stream of bad news in the background as the radio echoes. The hatred around the world on a daily basis is so saddening so I don't understand why someone would want to completely boycott a day that represents love and the celebration of people sharing it. 

It's not just about romantic love either, there are so many types of love out there. I feel like Valentines Day has a huge emphasis on romantic love, but why should you adhere to that? For as long as I can remember I have gotten my best friend a card, received one off my mam or just given and received little tokens off appreciation, what is stopping you from doing it too? Being single on Valentines Day isn't the bee all and end all- round up the girls and go for a nice meal and see 50 shades.. Share the love for your friends and family and let them know that you appreciate them (I can't read that without hearing DJ Kahlid in my head, I appreciate you hahah). Self love is a huge one too, with so much pressure being put on everyone these days whether it be from social media or too much college work, I say treat yo' self because you deserve it. 

At the end of the day though, I think love conquers all. Don't be put off by those cringy couples putting up everything they got each other on Facebook along with a huge paragraph expressing their love, enjoy it and share a bitta love too.

Let me know your opinions on my social media linked below and wether you will be acknowledging the day or not, have a good one!

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