Final Year Stress & How I Stay Organised

Thursday, 16 February 2017

 Do you ever just sit down and think- when was the last time I just sat down and did nothing all by myself?

Up until my final year in university I can safely say that it was probably last night while watching Netflix and eating way too many custard creams, but since September I feel like I haven't had many of them moments.

I go on as if this is a negative thing- it really isn't. I love being productive and my life, although at times hectic, is probably the best it has ever been.

This year in university, is the only one where my grades actually count towards my final grade, which impacts my next steps after I graduate. On top of that, I decided to do a 12 week diploma course in digital marketing because it is something I have been really looking into after I graduate. So with managing the two courses, a part time job, a long distance relationship, a social life and a blog- things can get a bit mental around here. I thought I'd share what I do to to get by.
A classic lesson I learned last semester. College 5 days a week and working 3 just burned me out. I found myself taking weekends off at a time because I just had no time to get anything done. I had money but I was so stressed towards Christmas. This semester I have whittled it down to two, maybe even working one day as it gets closer to exams because even though I'll have less money, there won't be as much pressure and I actually might be able to balance my life a little better haha.

If I'm at home all by myself, I'm working on assignments, blogging or sleeping.. I don't treat that as relaxation time. I have a Netflix account, but I hardly ever use it when I'm by myself (except around exam time when I watched the whole series of A Series of Unfortunate Events in two days.. oops). I tend to relax mainly when I'm with my friends or when I'm with my boyfriend, even though I do force him to come with me to blog shoots or even take pictures for me haha. Although it won't work for everyone, I find overlapping downtime with my social life works the best for me.

A little strange but all I do is plan. In my notes on my phone I write a weekly outfit plan which saves me time in the morning and every night I write down everything I need to get done the following day. Assignments and blog events get noted in my planner. My monthly blog plan is organised on Google Documents as well as my weekly Instagram and Snapchat plans (Wow I sound crazy haha).  It's just how I stay on top of everything I guess!

My commute to college is when I get shit done.. Them 25 minutes on the train up and back to college is where I do a solid amount of laptop time, and my makeup for the day (more time in bed? I'll take that!)
Even though I'm a people pleaser and I'm still working on this, learning to say no is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Learning to prioritise what you need to do and saying no to others when you need to do them enables you to actually manage your time better.

Shoes: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Topshop (sold out)

The other day I actually had the thought- why don't I go out and buy The Sims?! After writing this post, it's safe to say that that idea has been quickly swept under the carpet haha.

How do you stay organised? Let me know on my social media below!

Shoutout to Ailbhe for the pics 😘

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