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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year all! Being the first day of the year and a fresh start, what better way than to start 2017 with a blog post all about my plans for the year and a little reflection. After seeing Retro Flame's post about this last year, I thought I'd do the same- share my goals for Michelle Alice and what I personally want to achieve.

2016 was amazing- for both my blog life and personal life. I had the best semesters in college with all of my friends as well as spending the summer in San Diego- it was a good one!

Blog wise, I couldn't be happier. 2016 marked the year where I stepped up a notch, started sharing my blog on social media, making friends and all in all stepping out of my comfort zone. I never really knew what would come out of sharing my blog on social media. I ditched my second Instagram account and just used my personal one instead. My blog is probably the most 'me' thing I have ever done. All my life I tried out new hobbies, from drama to sport I didn't like any of them. For years I did things to please others *cough* playing camogie for years just because I knew how much my dad loved to be involved *cough*. Although I'm glad I stuck with it, it wasn't something I loved doing for me. The blog opened so many doors for me, getting invites to big events and I even got shortlisted for two awards in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016! Something I never knew to be possible.

Another thing I did was find so many blogging friends over the year. ITWBN is an amazing network and because of them I met so many amazing girls. Events can be daunting, when you look around and see so many people who know each other, going alone can make you feel like a fish out of water.. ITWBN events are a different story however, everyone is so lovely and supportive. Instagram is another amazing platform- its crazy how comfortable you can be with people that you just know through posting posey filtered pictures haha.

So my goals for 2017?
  • Keep growing your Instagram- you'll get to where you want to be with a bit of patience.. Don't be such a perfectionist either, just post more often!
  • Keep up the frequent blog posts- In December I really found my groove so that needs to be kept going!
  • Meet even more likeminded bloggers- There is nothing better than finding people who love documenting everything and taking Instagrams as much as you.
  • Find a perfect blog design that you're 100% happy with.
  • Do more of what scares you.
  • Believe in yourself and don't let anything hold you back from what you want to achieve.

So thats it, again Happy New Year and I wish you all the best in 2017. Thank you for the continued support, it means the world to me that you're on this journey with me. Here's to an amazing year!

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