Faux Fur | My Winter Favourite 2016

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

As I said so many times on the blog before, I just love coats. Personally I hate wearing the same thing over and over again and I find this especially happens to me in Winter. I may be wearing a different outfit everyday but if you're wearing the one coat then it feels like I'm wearing the same thing. It's funny though, I never seem to notice it on others but for myself I always think I look the exact same! 

Luckily, over the years I have collected way to many coats and jackets that I alternate between to fix this. I have a post on three coats and jackets that I bought this season (linked here) and this is yet another one that I have bought since.. (I told you I had a problem)


This is an ASOS number that I picked up a few weeks ago, it is my good Christmas coat for this year. Faux fur has been everywhere this season and I'm absolutely loving it. Although I have only tried faux fur coats, I am dying to get a clutch for nights out.

There is something about faux fur that I love.. Adding that bit of texture can add so much to an outfit and transform it into something so much more. 

Do you like faux fur?

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