August Instagram Outfit Roundup

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Instagram is where you put your best foot forward, where you make it appear you have your shit together and above all else (for me anyway), its where I showcase all of my best outfits. It's hands down my favourite social media platform, sharing photos is just something I love to do and something I have always loved doing, especially when they all fit together in a lovely 'theme'. Ok ok I know the whole theme business can be quite controversial but I just love following accounts with pretty pictures and fashionable outfits, and I know some of my fellow bloggers are guilty of this! 

As I share some of my favourite outfits on Instagram, I thought I'd give a quick run down of what I wore for the month of August on the blog too!

2nd August 2016
The depression of looking back on photos of my time in San Diego is real. Who knows what I was even getting up to that particular day, but I wore this top that I got sent from To be completely honest, I wouldn't recommend them. The top is poorly made and the material is flimsy, not a top that will last very long thats for sure!

11th of August 2016
Not that the outfit is very clear, I wanted to draw attention to it anyway. This was the day we started our road trip to Vegas and this was the first stop just after sunrise, the Seven Magic Mountains. They are basically painted rocks stacked on top of each other in the middle of the desert, but very cool nonetheless. The area is so vast, there is nothing for miles and miles all around you. The terrain is like nothing I had ever experienced before. As we had been driving for hours and through the night, comfort was key. I threw on my Brandy Melville shorts, my Pacific Beach sweatshirt and my Birkenstocks.. And the award for most fashionable tourist goes to me ✌️

12th of August 2016
That same day we visited the Grand Canyon, which was A-MAZ-ING. The views were stunning, it was just such a breathtaking place knowing that it is a natural structure. You can't fully appreciate it unless you have seen it for yourself and put the whole area into perspective. When you see an eagle fly throughout the Canyon, or see a tiny helicopter whizzing around, you can truly see how amazing it is. For my trip to the Canyon I wore my ASOS off the shoulder playsuit, my Birkenstocks and my Forever 21 choker. 

13th of August 2016
 When we finally arrived in Vegas I couldn't wait to properly dress up and hit the town. Even though I couldn't get into any clubs (Note: don't even bother going to Vegas if you're not 21), I was very happy with my outfits for the three nights. This was outfit number 2 and I was sporting this gorgeous corset from Topshop that I got in the sale years ago! I paired it with these fab Missguided white shorts and MAC Whirl Lipstick!

16th of August 2016
Aaand then I was back to the Emerald Isle and back to my fav- Penney's! The day I came home as I was feeling a bit lost for things to do, I naturally went to my local shopping centre for a browse. I picked this top up from Penney's and paired it with my black Jamie Jeans from Topshop, my favourite ASOS boots (old), my LaModa x Sarah Ashcroft Purse and Aisling's ASOS sunnies.

17th of August 2016
For a trip down to Waterford on a rainy day I wore my Hollister T Shirt, H&M Leather Jacket, black Topshop Jamie Jeans and my Penney's belt. 

18th of August 2016
A little throwback to my time in San Fran at the Golden Gate Bridge! My kimono was Penney's and my backpack was ASOS.

23rd of August 2016
A trip to Dun Laoighre called for an obligatory visit to Scrumdiddlys. They have the best ice cream, if you are ever there you can't pass the place up! That day I was sporting Topshop.. Coat, jeans, bag, top- all Topshop! Except my boots of course which are my trust ones from ASOS.

25th of August 2016
 I have a full outfit post done on this outfit- you can see that here!

26th of August 2016
You just can't have enough off the shoulder tops can you?! This one is the same one as earlier from Penney's, just in a different colour. I have a full outfit post of this coming very very soon, keep your eyes peeled!

30th of August 2016
Ahh my new favourite addition to my wardrobe- this Zara bomber! As this is such a statement piece, I always just pair it with black jeans and a white top to keep it really simple. 

31st of August 2016
Last but not least- a selfie! I wore this outfit to the Magpie Magazine Launch, a great night and an even better read if you can get your hands on it! It is a women's magazine but packed full of amazing content. I wore this Missguided t shirt and Urban Outfitters scarf and threw my Zara trench over it.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post- I think I might make them a monthly occurrence! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see all of my outfits as soon as I post them- @michelledalyxx.

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