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Monday, 21 March 2016

Well isn't this an exciting post? I must admit, when the Kylie Lip Kits launched I wasn't too pushed. I already had a few dark nudes and didn't feel like I needed to pay $29 for another one, especially because I was never a Kylie fan in the first place. That was the case until I saw Lily Melrose's First Impressions video on the first three shades that were released. The video caused me to do some research and fall in love with some of the colours, especially after hearing so many rave reviews on them. With that I followed Kylie on Snapchat and Instagram and awaited the announcement about the restock. Luckily I got my hands on both of the shades I wanted when they came out- yay!

The two shades I got were Dolce K and True Brown K. There isn't much to say about True Brown K other than it really is a true dark brown! I decided to get this shade as it is a little bit out of my comfort zone, I knew when buying it that there would be a risk of me not liking it or it not suiting me but yep I was wrong. I actually love this shade, I have nothing like it! It is super vampy on and just looks really different.

Dolce K on the other hand is right up my street- it is a dark nude shade. The colour is quite similar to my other nudes but I thought I would buy it anyway so I could compare them all, plus because I wear dark nudes so much I knew I would get the wear out of it. As these Kylie Lip Kits are so hard to get, I decided to swatch some alternatives beside it to give you an idea of how similar Dolce K is to so many other shades that are widely available. Dolce K liquid lipstick and lipliner are on the bottom beside Lolita by Kat Von D on the left. Directly above them is Whirl lipstick by MAC with Spice lipliner by MAC on top. As you can see, Dolce K has the least amount of pink in it- something that I personally prefer. Whirl lipstick is probably its closest match that I can find, a great dupe if you are struggling to get your hands on Dolce K!
So what did I think of the kits?
First of all I love the packaging, from the boxes to the 'handwritten' note from Kylie I think it is presented very well.
Starting off with the lipliners, they get a big thumbs up from me. They are so creamy, much better than the MAC lipliners in my opinion and they perfectly match their corresponding liquid lipstick.
As for the liquid lipsticks? I'm a big fan. They lasted all day for me through eating and drinking and were a killer to get off (I always take that as a good sign). I was scrubbing at my lips for ages with my micellar water before admitting defeat and going in with an oil based remover. The applicator is the nicest out of all the liquid lipsticks I have tried too. My only complaint was that Dolce K settled into my lines on my lips, however I think that was because my lips were unbelievably dry when I tried it out- my bad! 

Altogether for the two lip kits, including shipping it cost me about €66. Although that might seem outrageous to some, for two high quality liquid lipsticks and lipliners and shipping from the states, I don't think that is half bad. Shipping was very fast too, I ordered it on Monday the 9th of March in the evening and it arrived the morning of Wednesday the 18th. I was able to track my order efficiently the whole journey too.

Overall Kylie, you have a thumbs up from me! The Lip Kits are available from the Kylie Cosmetics website.

Check out my Instagram, michelledalyxx, for pictures of me wearing the colours and follow me on Snapchat (michellealicex) because I did a live unboxing of the lip kits when they arrived. 

Have you tried any of the Kylie Lip Kits?!

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