Products Not Worth the Hype

Friday, 16 October 2015

If you're a beauty lover like me, you know that there is no better feeling than going to buy a product after doing a load of research on it. When there is a product that I have my eye on, I love diving into blog reviews looking at swatches and finding out as many peoples opinions on it as possible. Even after all that research however, sometimes products just don't work for you. Even though I try to keep my little space on the internet as positive as possible, today I will be discussing products that, in my opinion, are just not worth the hype!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Well I think it is hard to forget the launch of this product, everyone was so excited and when it finally launched everyone raved about it. I heard time after time how it was even better than 'They're Real'- a holy grail product of some beauty bloggers. I never liked 'They're Real' but I was intrigued to try Roller Lash anyway. After all the fuss died down I decided to take the plunge and buy it. Much to my disappointment I didn't like it, it made my eyelashes clump together and it took too long to dry. In fairness as it has started to dry out a bit it has started to grow on me however it was not the miracle product I expected it to be. Much like 'They're Real', you can get a mascara that is even better for half the price in Boots!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
How pretty is this colour? It is in the shade 'Monte Carlo' but unfortunately it is the formula that lets this product down. When I apply it, it takes a good few coats before becoming totally opaque, not to mention that the consistency can get very gloopy and the colour gets a lot darker as it clumps together making an uneven finish on the lips. A total thumbs down from me!

Milani Baked Blush
When I went to the US this was one of the things on the top of my beauty wish list. I had heard so much talk surrounding them and for the small price of $8, you just couldn't go wrong. I got the colour Dolce Pink, a slightly deeper pink shade with gold flecks in it. The first thing that lets this product down is the pigmentation, it just doesn't transfer onto my cheeks. The worst thing is that as the flecks of shimmer are so thick, they are the only things you can see on my cheeks, I feel like a disco ball when I wear it! I'll keep trying to experiment with this blush but ultimately it is not a product I enjoy using.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what product do you think is not worth the hype?!

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