Etsy Home Wear Wish List

Monday, 21 September 2015

What did I do before Etsy came into my life? Basically if you don't know what Etsy is, it is an online marketplace where people can sell their products and basically make your house look instantly 'Pintrestable'! 
These are the things that I have been recently eyeing up on Etsy..

For some reason, I'm in love with these shelves! The same shop also has triangle shelves just like these which I also have my eye on..

I just couldn't resist these mugs! I am a crazy cat lady after all..

This shop makes THE CUTEST cards, I just want to buy them all!

How cute would this look in blog photos though?!

I have linked the shop above as I just can't choose which vase I like the best. They are all adorable and so Pinterest, ah I want them all!

As cactus' have been having a bit of a moment over the last while, this would make such a cute addition to your room.

A bit of a random one, but how cute would this be on your dog's collar?! 

What is on your Etsy wish list? Make sure to leave me your favourite Etsy shops below and thanks for reading!

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