My Top 3 Red Lipsticks

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

When it comes to lipsticks, I tend to stay clear of the nudes and run straight to the bolds. I could spend hours researching bloggers favourites and running around the MAC store with my hands filled with swatches. Some may say it's an obsession and I'd have to agree, what can I say- I'm addicted to red lipstick!

On to my favourites and lets start with MAC. Ah don't we all love a good MAC lipstick, I think it's the gorgeous vanilla smell that draws me in. My top pick from MAC would be Russian Red (which I unfortunately lost on a night out) but since then I have been LOVING Ruby Woo. Both are matte finishes with Ruby Woo being slightly more drying. For some reason I always find Ruby Woo to be a better daytime shade and Russian Red for nights out but they are equally as long lasting.

On to a more wallet friendly option now from NYX. When I took a trip to the states in June I picked up the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo and am I happy I did! This is a deeper red shade, similar to Russian Red. I love this product because it applies so smooth on the lips and then dries matte without being drying at all.

Again another American purchase and this one is from Sephora. If you follow Lily and Anna then you have heard of this product, the Sephora Lip Cream in 01. This is quite a vibrant red shade that is similar to the NYX shade in the way that it is a cream that dries matte but when it dries, oh boy does it dry. This lipstick doesn't budge so if you are looking for lasting power, this is the product you want.  It is so long lasting that at the end of the day I find myself scrubbing at my lips but with a lot of patience and Bioderma, it comes off!

You can't have enough lipsticks though (am I right ladies?!) so I currently have my eye on some of the Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Matte lipsticks, Love Liberty and Red Carpet Red in particular!

I hope you enjoyed finding out about my favourite reds, what are your favourites?!

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