Tan Organic Review

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lately my days have been filled with searching for bikinis on ASOS and googling summer holiday destinations.. Once christmas is over i quickly become fed up with the dreary weather and just can't wait to get some sun! 

As the Irish weather doesn't seem to know what the sun is, I have resulted in getting my tan from a bottle instead. The lovely team from Tan Organic came to the rescue and kindly sent me some of their Self Tanning Oil* to try.

First off lets talk packaging, I love it! The wooden lid is adorable and I really like the frosted glass effect of the bottle. Tan Organic is a brand that only contains natural and organic ingredients, plus it's Irish (what more could you want?).

A tanning oil was a new concept to me, I am so used to using the Sally Hanson spray that I have never ventured very far outside of that, so I found at the beginning it was hard to get the hang of. As it is an oil, it is very runny and was a bit messy for me at the start (so I would recommend standing on a towel) but I quickly got used to it and wasn't a problem. The benefit of it being an oil is that it distributes really easily and evenly.

The thing that I was most impressed with was the drying time, it was so quick! The thing I hate the most about moisturising your body or fake tanning is the waiting around for it to dry (*cough, cough* St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan!!), but this product just sunk into my skin after a minute or two and was fully dry. 

Tan Organic claims that there is no 'fake tan smell', I would have to disagree with that as there was a smell but it wasn't bad at all however that can depend from person to person as fake tan smells don't bother me too much.

After one layer, it provides a really nice light glow on your skin, perfect for everyday. By adding a second layer it goes much darker, more suited to a night out. I would say it is the colour of Sally Hanson medium tan without the powdery finish, it doesn't rub off and go all over your clothes!

Over about a week the tan faded, for the most part it faded really evenly. Some places, like my wrists, went a bit patchy but to be honest, I expected that!

Overall I am so impressed with this tan and I will definitely be using it as I patiently wait for the summer months and hopefully a sun holiday!

What is your favourite fake tan?!

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