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Friday, 13 February 2015

 I always thought I was a shimmery eyeshadow gal. When heading to the MAC counter, it never struck me to get a matte shade as I was always captivated with the shimmers but lately I can't get enough of the mattes!

I think it all started when I started borrowing (she might say stealing) my mam's Naked palette. I was just a bit fed up of my Naked 2 palette and I quickly became obsessed with all of the warm shades. In particular I constantly use the matte shades 'Naked' and 'Buck'. Even though there can be a lot of fall out, I can get passed that, they're just so versatile! As you can see, I have hit pan on 'Naked' (sorry mam) so it is beyond me what I am going to do when it runs out. 'Naked is the lighter of the two and it great for a transitional colour in the crease. 'Buck' is darker with a slightly red tone running through it. Whenever I'm in a rush and need to do heavier makeup I always throw these in the crease along with a darker matte brown and a bold lip and I'm out the door.
The darker matte brown that I apply to the outer corners of my eyes over 'Naked' and 'Buck' is 'Sandstone' from the Stila 'In the Light' palette. This shade is described as a 'matte light coco', pretty much your standard medium brown colour. The formulation of this shade is to die for, it is so creamy and pigmented. As it is also quite warm toned, it goes perfect with the Naked palette shades, and pretty much any other shades as it is such a versatile colour.

(L-R) Charcoal Brown, Quarry, Sketch
On to the cool toned shadows, even though I feel I prefer warmer tones, my MAC eyeshadow palette is predominantly cool toned. One of my first MAC eyeshadows, 'Charcoal Brown' has always been one of my favourites. It is a medium brown shade and similar to the others, perfect for the crease. I sometimes forget about it because it is in a duo with 'Omega' as I purchased it for my brows but it eventually made its way onto my eyes and I haven't gone back since! Another shade I constantly reach for is 'Quarry' which is almost like a greyish/ lavender colour. It is such a subtle shade which I use to deepen up the crease for a more natural daytime look however it can also be used as a transition shade for a night look. I love the texture of this shade, it's so creamy! A dupe for this would be the shade 'Tease' from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

Lastly I have a bit of a cheat shade, it is MAC 'Sketch'. As it's a velvet finish it has slight shimmer (emphasis on the slight) so I use it as I would a matte shade. It's a gorgeous burgundy shade and I love it to deepen up the crease and to add the slightest bit of colour to any look. 

As a beauty lover, my beauty wish list is always overflowing with so many new items that I want to try. The matte eyeshadows I really want to try are MAC's 'Swiss Chocolate' which is a muted reddish brown and 'Espresso', a muted golden brown. On to Inglot, I have my eye on the shade 357 which is a warm toned medium brown (can you tell I like medium browns?). Lastly something I am dying to get my hands on but can't get, the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte palette. Ah I'm in love, you don't need much more than this in your life in terms of matte eyeshadows! 

Well wasn't that a hefty post?! If you got the the end, thanks for reading and I'd love to know what matte eyeshadows are your favourites so leave them in the comments below.. 

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