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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Last week Lizzy and I packed our bags and jetted off to London for a few days. Lizzy's auntie was kind enough to take us in and let us stay for our trip, which meant we were able to spend time with her ADORABLE two year old cousin and squeeze in a bit of shopping!

Ok ok I'll admit it, I really didn't need anymore makeup, plus this trip was meant to be about buying clothes but I just couldn't help myself splurging on a few new items.

We'll start off with the high end products. When in the duty free on the way home, Lizzy and I had some money to spare, we were extremely overtired and our flight was delayed.. So what does that mean?! Buy two new MAC lipsticks of course! I purchased 'All Fired Up' on the right which is a Retro Matte finish and 'Girl About Town' on the left which is an amplified finish (more detailed posts about these coming soon!).

In Boots the first place I headed to was the Soap and Glory stand. I repurchased Brow Archery because mine was running out and it is just so quick and easy to use on college mornings (especially when I have to get up for 9am lectures!).

I also picked up the Supercat eye liner pen on a whim because I have heard so much about it and so far I'm loving it. The struggle to do a decent winged eye liner is real but this product makes it a whole lot easier.

Lastly I picked up one of my favourite mascaras, the L'Oreal Telescopic because I hate the mascara I'm currently using. It gives such length to your lashes and keeps them in place all day.

When we visited London in August, Bioderma was at the top of my wish list. Thanks to Lizzy, we found a pharmacy called John Bell and Croyden off Oxford Street that stocks it so what do we do? Buy a litre of it.. It is my favourite makeup remover so I figured a litre will last me a long time right?! (Bear with me while I try justify it.....)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the few beauty items I picked up in London!

Have you picked up any makeup bits lately?!

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