March Favourites

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Another month has rolled around so you know what that means? Another monthly favourites! I'm actually very proud of myself that I (so far) have kept to the favourites trend. 

March was really good for me actually.. I really take being in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day for granted but I went into the city and it was absolute madness! On the 26th I turned 18 (expect a post on what I got soon) but sadly couldn't do anything because studying is slowly taking over my life. I had a huge exam yesterday that accounted for 40% of my overall grade in one subject, I don't want to bore you with the details but it is a massive weight lifted off my shoulders.

Now back to my March favourites..

My beauty favourite this month has been my old reliable 'Wake me Up' Foundation by Rimmel. I started wearing this again this month because I wanted something higher coverage. Sometimes when I initially put this on it looks like a very odd colour on my face but after I set it I love it. I may even go as far to say that it is my favourite foundation! I'm sure you have heard of this foundation before but it leaves a dewey finish leaving your face glowing and looking wide awake (something that I desperately need!) 

My fashion favourites have been these gorgeous slip on shoes from Topshop. I first saw these on the gorgeous Lily Melrose and I fell in love with them! I have been wearing these with black jeans, they are a nice alternative to my usual black boots for casual wear. 

Lastly my random favourite has to be my Cat Disposable Camera. I bought this back in November but I have finished filling it up this month. I brought this to a few parties and although people thought I was crazy it was a bit of a laugh. As I have been taking a few photos on it over the last few months I can't remember the photos I took so I am dying to get it developed! It is basically an extremely overpriced disposable that has 6 cat filters but don't worry if cats aren't your thing, they have many other versions that I really want to try. I'll update you when I get the photographs developed.

I hope you had a wonderful March!

What were your March favourites?

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