February Favourites

Saturday, 1 March 2014

As usual, February went by in a flash but I am glad it is over purely because March is my birthday month. To make it even better I am 18 this month which is very exciting!! Anyway, on to my favourites..

My beauty favourite this month has been Essie's Fiji. As I feel like although it is still cold, Spring is in the air and this colour is a perfect Spring/ Summer colour. It is an extremely pale pink colour which I love. Plus, Essie's nail varnishes are amazing. I applied several coats of this one night and it lasted a good 5 days without chipping, impressive if you as me!

My fashion has to be my new top from Topshop. It is this gorgeous black and white crop top that I paired with black jeans and a red lip. I know it's not for everyone but I am in love with it. As far as I know it has a matching skirt to go with it if you are interested.

My random favourite this month is an actor and a movie. I saw 'That Awkward Moment' in the cinema with Lizzy this month and let me tell you, it had us laughing all the way through. I would highly recommend this movie, it also helps that Zac Efron is the main character as he is definitely easy on the eyes. Although Zac is beautiful in that movie, my favourite actor of the month has to be Miles Teller, another main character in this movie. After seeing him in this movie I watched some of his others like 'Project X' and 'The Spectacular Now' I have really grown to like him! 

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What are your February favourites?

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