January Favourites

Saturday, 1 February 2014

So we are a month into 2014, I feel like I was writing my 2013 Rewind post just a few days ago. Nevertheless, lets get on to my January favourites.

My first and only beauty favourite this month has been a cult favourite- MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skin Finish. This gives the perfect cheek bone highlight however in my opinion a little too intense for everyday. I feel like everyone and their mother has tried this product, or at least heard about it but I couldn't help including it as it's just so pretty.

Next for my fashion favourite of the month. I have been loving this coat from Primark, which I got before Christmas. I love the shape and pattern of this jacket however its only fault is that it is thinner than most coats (which doesn't go down well with Irish weather). To solve this problem I just put a thicker cardigan under it and it looks great, and luckily it was so cheap. This photo really doesn't do it justice, sorry!!

This book Lauren Conrad Beauty has definitely been a book that I have been picking up so much this month. Every time I pick it I seem to learn something new as it is filled with so many beauty tips. I am looking forward to getting Lauren Conrad Style soon because I love this one so much.

This month the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street' was released and to be honest, my love for Leo drew me to the movie. After three hours I can honestly say it was really good. I found it just so funny but it was so different than any movie that I would usually go for. Lets be honest here, if topless Leo DiCaprio doesn't entice you to go to a movie I don't know what will!!

As I am starting my mock exams on Wednesday apologies for the lack of posts in advance.

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What have been your January favourites?

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