I Cut my Hair?!? And Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

Thursday, 13 February 2014

As you may have seen a few weeks ago, I was extremely inspired by Kylie Jenner to cut my hair short (you can see the post here). As a result I decided to bite the bullet and just cut it and I love it, it's so fresh and different for me. Although it may not look like a lot, it is a lot for me as I have wanted long hair for the longest time but in reality it just wasn't meant to be! 

Therefore, I am here today to give you reasons to cut your hair short!

Healthy hair is better hair: 
More than likely if you have longer hair it may not be the healthiest, I know that from experience anyway. Since I cut my hair, it feels so fresh and lovely to know that I have no dryness or split ends, it's wonderful!

Time saver:
Wash and go girls, with the help of a few products your hair takes half the time to do.

Fresh start: Let all the stresses of last year go and cut your hair. It's a great way to signify your fresh start and although it is a bit late for 'new year new me' but it's never too late for a change.

Stand out from the crowd: 
Last summer especially seemed to be the time that everyone wanted long luscious locks, I even see it around today. By getting your haircut you can stand out, be different because following the crowd is no fun really.

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