ASOS Backpack

Friday, 7 February 2014

Since I have been doing exams this week I felt like I needed a little 'pick me up'. I was eying this bag for weeks and I eventually caved in bought it.

I always loved backpacks like this. I have one from Urban Outfitters that I got about four years ago that I used so much that now it's in bits, therefore I decided to look into getting a new one. 

This one is from ASOS and although it was in my opinion an investment (almost €70 eeek) I feel as though I will hopefully get use out of this for the next four years! It's very spacious inside so I may even use this for university in September.

You can get it here.

I'm currently in the middle of exams at the moment so apologies for the lack of posts. I am finished on Wednesday so I will be back on track then so in the mean time follow me on bloglovin!

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