"New Year, New Me"

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Such a cliché post, I know and although I am late, better late than never right?

Note my sarcasm in the title. I spent days scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed with countless status' along those lines. For me the new year doesn't necessarily mean that I have to change myself, just maybe improve on some small things so I succeed to my full potential.

I initially didn't think that I would write one of these posts but after some thought that if I didn't write my resolutions down somewhere, would I really go through with them?

Enough rambling, on to my resolutions!

1) Stay Organised:
For Christmas a planner found it's way into my stocking, I have started to use it. Usually I'm a procrastinator but lately I have been getting the things I need to do done because I have them written down on front of me. It keeps me well on track of blog posts, school work and study.

2) Appreciate the small things in life:
Last year made me learn to not take life for granted. This year I need to appreciate everything I do and have, living my life to it's full potential because you never know what day will be your last.

3) Spending ban until June:
Apart from the necessary items like my favourite keratin shampoo from Treséme, I am to spend no money on beauty or fashion items until June. I am going to Chicago and California in June followed by London in August so to be honest I can't afford to spend unnecessary money. I also have my debs, plus I hope to start college in September.. The thought of all the money I have to part with this year makes want to shed a tear!!

As you may not know, I am my final year of secondary school which means I have very big exams at the end of the year, exams that ultimately decide what I will be able to do for the rest of my life. I tend to be too laid back sometimes and push things like studying aside but I really do have to get the ball rolling! Although you may not see as many blog posts from me due to my exams, I am determined to get at least one up a week.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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