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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I remember first getting the internet, and a computer actually. I was pretty late to get one actually because when I was about 10 my teacher told us to put up our hand if we either had a computer or a play station, I was the only one in the class who didn't have either.. :(

I saw this tag on YouTube done by Lily Melrose so I said I'd give it a go on my blog as I don't usually do tag's!

First User Name?
The first place I needed a username was on stardoll as far as I can remember.. My friend Lilly gave me her account and its name was 'Rosebud', something like that, it definitely had rose in there somewhere! I thought I was really cool back then with that name, unfortunately now I can't log back on. :(

First Email Address?
It's still my current email address! I went to a computer camp when I was about 11 and they made me set a boring old one, at least I don't cringe every time I give it out.

First Tweet?
'hair, why won't you grow?'  Oh how things haven't changed since September 25th 2011.

First Facebook Status?
'Dunno wah im doin :L' Ok where were the grammar police when I needed them? 8th of September 2009 must have been the day that I created my Facebook, luckily in the past few years I have stopped posting statuses (it's probably for the best).

First Instagram picture?
I have to say, Instagram is one of my favourite social media sites. This is my first photo which I posted on the 9th of August 2011, a bit strange as it is snowing..

First Blog?
This one, and I have been loving it so far. I did however have a tumblr back when I was about 15 but I never go on it anymore.

First YouTube video?
I don't have a YouTube channel.. 

I tag you!

I would like to apologise in advance for the possible lack of posts coming your way over the next two weeks as on Monday I am starting my mock exams. However then I have a week off so I'll be back on track!

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