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Friday, 4 October 2013

Well I was having a chat with my grand mother the other day and I was showing her all the pictures from a recent trip to Berlin that I had on my iPhone. She was admiring them but passed a comment that it was a shame just leaving them on my phone. This got me thinking, in twenty years time will my pictures still be there, or will they be just stuck on an old computer somewhere? That's when I decided to get some of them printed.

I found a website called Printstagram from Zoella's blog a few months ago and I just really liked the idea! Basically on the website you can log into your Instagram and click the photo's you want to print, or even better, they have an iPhone app which you can pick the photos you want to print from your camera roll. The website and iPhone app are super easy to use.

I opted for the 24 4x4 inches Polaroid style photos which was $12 plus $10 to add another 24. Shipping costed flat rate $6. I was very impressed with the shipping, I ordered Tuesday night and it came today (Friday) and because I live in Ireland, I expected it to take about 2 weeks to get here but I was very pleasantly surprised!

Overall I am very impressed with this company and I will definitely be using their service again!

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