Autumn/ Winter Nails

Sunday, 20 October 2013

As Autumn has arrived, it is completely necessary to change up your nail colour. The bright colours change to dark and I must say that I love it! I'm all for bright colours but I cannot resist a classic deep red during the Autumn/ Winter season. Which leads me onto my first colour..

Bad Habit - Topshop

This is my go- to nail varnish for this time of year. It picks up as a brighter red on camera but it is a gorgeous deep classic red.

I love Topshop's nail varnishes as they last long and i love that this colour has a glossy and shiny finish to it as a lot of the colours have.

This nail varnish is about €7.50/ £5 and it is worth every penny because it is such a staple colour.

Kiko - 617

It's a disappointing moment when you realise your nail varnish doesn't have a name, nevertheless this is a fabulous colour!

This is a metallic, chrome colour that looks absolutely amazing on the nails! I can see myself reaching for this nail varnish more and more as the weeks go on, but I know it will be the perfect new years party colour.

The brand Kiko can be found online here. This nail varnish is affordable but doesn't last very long on your nails however I have only tried this colour from this brand so I cannot comment on the others!

Velvet Underground - Topshop

Ooh what a name! 

This deep, glossy, purple colour is a great alternative to black at this time of year.

And as I have mentioned above, Topshop nail varnishes are fab!

Just a tip, definitely put a base coat on before both of these Topshop nail varnishes.. I learned the hard way!! 

What is your go- to Autumn nail varnish?

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