Ways to Keep POSITIVE During Exam Time

Saturday, 28 September 2013

I am in my last year in school and in the Irish school system, that means work hard. For the last few weeks I have been in school from 8:30am until about 5/6pm, as after school we have the option to stay afterward, supervised to study/ do homework for a small fee, and still having to do homework and study when I got home. This post idea came over me while suddenly becoming extremely overwhelmed one evening. However I quickly got myself back on track but it opened my eyes to see how stressful school can be for everyone. This is how I will keep positive during this tough exam year and I hope it helps you.

  1. Have a Focus: If you know what your goal is and what you want to achieve, whether it's to get into college or just to get good results, just think of how you will feel if you achieve that. It will eventually all be over and you will get to relax. 
  2. Plan your Time: By writing all your planned study or extra work into a diary you will feel satisfied with all of  your work your doing and it will help you get the most out of your study. Even if it isn't a lot, it's better than nothing at all! Plus, by planning your time you will be able to see all of the fun events that you may have planned in the future, if not you can have relaxing time to look forward to.
  3. Just remember, it'll all be over in a matter of time!
  4. Think about all the people you love and all the things you love, school should not be the only thing you focus on or these years will pass you by.

At the end of the day, school isn't everything and if you're really feeling overwhelmed and stressed, don't be afraid to take a day off to tend to you. 

I hope this post helped some of you!

How did you get through some stressful times in school?

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